About Greenis-EUROPE and copycats

When you, as a manufacturer, create a beautiful and high quality product you might be faced with copycats: an exact duplicate of your product, a counterfeit. Which is often also. offered to the customers (much) cheaper. Greenis-EUROPE is no stranger to these copycats. Our slow juicers and blenders are of the best quality. It’s not unimaginable to think that there are other ’Greenis-products’ circulating the market. That’s why we clearly put EUROPE behind our brand name Greenis. This makes us recognizable for our customers who appreciate quality and durability.
Greenis-EUROPE, this means us, works exclusively with high quality materials. We  set the highest standards for quality, durability and reliability for our products which all meet the European standard. We are one hundred percent behind our products. And we have our customers to vouch for us, we couldn’t wish for better ambassadors! Our customers are all exceptionally pleased about our slow juicers and blenders.
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