Warranty sits on the components and the engine of the Greenis slowjuicer. We consider it important to provide our customers with good quality slowjuicer, which lasts long and is made of solid material.

Our guarantee to keep:

    Standard 10 year warranty on the motor and components
    Your purchase invoice serves as guarantee certificate
    The warranty applies when purchased through our online store or through one of our dealers
    The warranty is applicable for careful use in accordance with the instructions supplied
    The warranty applies to original materials and components Greenis slowjuicer
    Any additional shipping costs are included

What should you do?

Is there something wrong with you Greenis slowjuicer, please contact our Customer Service via email at

We then see together what happened. It helps us when you next to your description of the occurrence can also send a few pictures of the problem / damage. Often a problem easily remedied with a few tips if we decide to replace a part or repair.