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Privacy and security

Your personal data. You leave them behind us, because that simply must if you want to order something. But we can imagine that you'd like to know why we ask for your personal information and what we do with it. We like to tell you here. If after reading this page further questions, please let us know through our customer service

Very safe

Any data you leave behind us we stop very safely under lock and key. We do this with one of the most modern techniques, the Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Who nothing has to do with your data, there is simply not there. We give your information to anyone - you read below why and when we do - then we demand that the other as carefully as we deal with your data and they are used only for the purpose for which he accomplished it. If you feel this happening, please let us know through our customer service

Often we use your information to provide you with the best possible personalized shopping experience. For example, we previously used data from previous orders, your IP address and cookies. About cookies You can read more below.

What we do next with your data

We use your information for various purposes. After that you can see what goals they are. We use thereby receiving yours data, but also data collected by ourselves. For example, information about your visit to our website.

Deliver your order

For your order we need your name, email address, address (es), payment details and sometimes your phone number. This allows us to deliver your order and keep you informed about your order. We give your data to others if needed for an order, for example to our distribution and delivery services.

Your account

In your account at we store include the following information: your name, address (es), telephone number, email address, delivery and payment information, and provided information and interests (for example, when we asked you to you Birthdate). Handy, because then you do not have to re-enter that information each time. We also keep a record of your previous orders and reviews that you have posted. Then you can find it easily.


We love reviews. And our customers. Want to write a review, choose yourself whether your personal information or your name are visible to other visitors and whether we can take over your review in touch with you.


If you participate in a promotion or contest, we ask your name, address and email address. So we can carry out the action and announce the winner (s). Even if we measure the response to our promotions.


Fraud is waiting for no one, neither do we. Therefore, we use customer data to investigate fraud, prevent and counteract. If you must, we give customer information to the government.

Business customers and partner program

Also from our business customers and partners, we store data of the contact. Are the data of people, we treat this data as those of our other customers.

What we do with your information?

We never use your data to show you different prices than to other customers. All our customers will see the same prices for our products and produce. Sell ​​your information to others, we do it never.

Knock your data or not you have other questions?

Is there something wrong or do you want to consult your details, please contact our customer service. We are available 24/7 to help you. To ensure that the shop works well and you can shop makes fine use of cookies.


To ensure that the stores work well and you can shop makes fine use of cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies collect information which is necessary for the correct functioning of a website. Cookies safe. They can not collect any personal information and are safe for your PC, laptop, phone or tablet.

What are cookies?

Cookies allow: • you remain logged and can shop undisturbed; • articles remain in your shopping cart; • you shop safely at; • reviews you can read and write and view videos; • The website is fast; • Errors are detected and discomfort at the site; • improvements can be tested; • personal advice may be based on previously purchased and / or viewed products; • Share your products through social media such as Facebook and Google. • advertisers and advertisers switched parties can measure how often an ad is shown or clicked on an ad. Additionally, they can measure or placed at a later date via the website of the advertiser orders.

How long are cookies?

Most of cookies disappear when you close your browser. Some cookies remain several days to several years standing. You can remove them yourself at any time via your browser.

Remove or disable cookies

Cookies can always remove yourself via your browser settings or disable. Explaining adjust the cookie settings can be found under Help in most browsers. Please note that most websites do not work properly if you disable cookies.